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Drug policy

The Ministry of Internal Affairs held a meeting on combating drug addiction and drug trafficking

The Ministry of Internal Affairs held the regular meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Staff (IMS) to coordinate the activities of state bodies to combat drug abuse and trafficking, chaired by the Minister of Interior Kalmukhanbet Kasymov, according to news service Zakon.kz with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The meeting addressed a number of topical issues of counternarcotics and implementation of Sectoral program on combating drug addiction and drug trafficking in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2012-2016.

The Accounts Committee summarized the effectiveness of programs on combating drug addiction and drug trafficking for 2009-2011 and for 2012-2016

According to the Accounts Committee, the Program on combating drug abuse and drug trafficking for 2009-2011 was implemented efficiently enough. The lack of analysis, effective monitoring of the drug situation, insufficient study of the risks and expected results, a formal approach of performers led to the emergence of new challenges, which have become a global threat to public health, the economy and the overall national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the press service of the Accounts Committee reported.

Combating drug trafficking in Kazakhstan actually formalized

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ashat Daulbaev criticized the authorities to combat drug trafficking in Kazakhstan, reports news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan. "There is an unjustified reduction of the dynamics of drug-related crimes detection. Over the past year the number of detected crimes decreased by 11%. The analysis shows that the work of the authorized bodies in the first place - Committee of the Anti-Narcotics and Drug Control of Ministry of Interior, is actually formalized, "- said Daulbaev at the board meeting of Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan.

Committee on Drugs held a nationwide preventive operation "Doping"

Committee on the Anti-Narcotics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs completed the first stage of preventive operation "Doping" in the country from 18 to 22 February. The main objective of the operation is to identify and suppress smuggling, as well as the leak of under controled narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors trafficking.