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Drug crime

Traffic police found 118 kilograms of marijuana

In Kostanai region the large amount of drugs - 118 kilograms of dried marijuana - was seizured as the press service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kostanai region reported. Drugs were found by traffic police. February 12 patrol car of the battalion of traffic police  №112 operating by Armand Kaidarova and Roman Bernhardt patroled the road Kostanay-Auliekol-Surhan.

More than 20 kilograms of drugs were trying to smuggle in prisons of the country this year

More than six months of this year - from January to July 4 - prisons' employees seized 21 kilograms of various drugs, those were tried to pass to prisoners by their relatives, the press service of the Committee of the correctional system reported. All relatives and friends of the prisoners, who were detained with drugs, were prosecuted. The total number of such cases is 38. This is more than last year six months, for similar cases were 26. Another 275 Kazakhstani fined three and a half thousand tenge that tried to bring to the prisons alcohol, money and cell phones.

Kazakhstan customs officers seized 100 kg of drugs during half a year

Customs of Kazakhstan in the first half of the year seized about 100 kg of drugs, according to BNews.kz referring to the press service of the Customs Control Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is still remained urgent work to combat illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and other prohibited items. "In the first half of the year customs authorities opened 32 criminal cases of illicit trafficking seized about 100 kg of various narcotics, including more than 21 kilograms of heroin," - said in a statement.

In Almaty summed up the large-scale operation "Koknar"

On the basis of Dog Training Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan Ministry of Internal Affairs held an operational meeting with the chairman of the Committee on Anti-Narcotics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - A. Vyborov. The meeting was attended by representatives of the customs authorities and border guards CNS of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Service for Drug Control of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as heads of territorial divisions of the Anti-Narcotics Bodies, the press service of the Department of Internal Affairs reported. During the period of its implementation it was confiscated more than 18 tons of drugs from the illicit trafficking, prevented 35 wholesale supply of marijuana and heroin. 8 transactions on a "controlled delivery" were conducted, 2 of them were external ones. 13 foreigners were arrested for drug-related crimes. In the operation  specially trained search dogs were involved.