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Smoked synthetic drugs and staged a riot

In the neighborhood Tastak-3 in the yard of №28 house on the Turgut Ozal Street young guy, smoke synthetic drug to standed residents of several homes on their head. Stripped to his shorts, he ran across the yard with wild cries and kicked the car. All this action is continued until the arrival of police officers who handcuffed guy in handcuffs and led to the place of ambulance crews №9. Referring revealed young guy smoked synthetic marijuana JWH popularly called simply "dzhivik or legalka". Apparently, the guy miscalculated dosage, and he had "blown away".

In Akmola region judges discussed the deal with cases involving drug trafficking

In connection with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan generalization, implying a change in the practice of criminal cases related to drug trafficking, the judges of the specialized inter-district criminal court of Akmola region held a seminar to discuss the judicial practice on cases relating to drug trafficking, according to specialized inter-district criminal court of Akmola region.

6 HIV / AIDS trust points operate in the capital

In the capital, regularly hosts events on HIV infection in different population groups. Currently, the city operates 6 trust points: one - at the AIDS Center, two - mobile, three - in hospitals. It is reported with reference to astana.kz Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS in Astana. "The work carried in trust points by 1 doctor from AIDS Center and 4 nurses. They conduct informational and educational work on HIV/AIDS, promote safe injecting behavior, exchange used syringes among injecting drug users, issuing information and educational materials, psycho-social counseling, rapid HIV testing ... ".

Drugs are easily taken root in Kazakhstan due to the influence of Western culture and lifestyle

The main goal of media in coverage of the drug problem - contribute to the audience's negative attitude toward the potion. Well-known Kazakh media coach Yerzhan Suleimenov said abuot it today in Almaty in Training on drug abuse prevention. "The reasons that drugs so easily settled down in Kazakhstan - the influence of Western culture and propaganda of the Western lifestyle, crisis of values in society, as well as the weakening of family ties," - said E.Suleymenov. He added that, despite these factors, the media and the Internet can play a huge role in the prevention of drug use and drug-related crime.