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Drug use

In Almaty narcotic smoking mixes advertised and sold at universities in the city center

Last night in the center of Almaty at KIMEP buildings and the Academy of Cinema and Television were scattered leaflets advertising the "legal" smoking mixtures. The leaflet specified Skype and phone vendors. Editorial Zakon.kz called the telephone number listed in the leaflet. The young man explained the technology of smoking mixture sale. In the city near the former bus station Sayakhat on Abay, near major universities made "bookmarks" with prepackaged doses of 1 gram sachets. After the buyer takes off on a number of mobile money - 4000 tenge per gram, it reported a place to hide drugs.

More than 40 thousand of drug addicts has registered in Kazakhstan

More than 40 thousand of drug addicts has registered in Kazakhstan, wrote the correspondent of BNews.kz. "Among the pressing social problems of one of the most serious is the problem of drug addiction. Measures taken to combat the spread substance abuse and drug-related crime do not give the expected results. Thus, according to the Ministry of Health on medical records in the country consists of more than 40 thousand drug addicts, including 3 114 women, 2 069 children, 353 of whom have not reached the age of 14, "- said Askhat Daulbaev the Prosecutor General.

Gilded youth in Astana addicted to russian amphetamine

The staff of the Committee on Anti-Narcotics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan suppressed channel delivery of synthetic drugs from Russia to Kazakhstan. It was said at a briefing in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan by the official representative Nurdilda Oraz, reports BNews.kz. "We know that through this channel have tried to supply with the drug elite places of entertainment Shuchinsk-Borovsky resort and Astana (casinos, nightclubs). Recently expensive synthetic drugs are in high demand among the wealthy visitors of entertainment facilities, as well as in the environment of so-called" gilded youth, "- added the official representative of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Almaty is gaining momentum, "pharmacy addiction"

Special investigative of KTK reporters. Almaty is gaining momentum so-called "pharmacy addiction!" Addicts in southern capital began to pound conventional eye drops! However, it is quite common: they have to be sold only on prescription, and pharmacists themselves are well aware of the addictive effects of drugs. But this does not prevent pharmacists for openly selling drugs.