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Treatment and prevention

Deputies demand ban the use of methadone to treat drug addicts in Kazakhstan

Strongest synthetic drug methadone superior to the effects of heroin, and imported to Kazakhstan for treatment of drug-dependent patients should add to the list №1 prohibited for use for medical purposes. About this deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Meruert Kazbekova told in her deputy's request addressed to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov, reported BNews.kz.

Schoolchildren told how to identify whether the child has got an addiction

More than 800 students and adults, "armed with" objects of visual propaganda, went to mass, the busiest places: bus stops and public transports. The past campaign called "Healthy bus." Perhaps booklets and posters are not good enough for help, but when it is given by teens and they tell to adults what you should pay attention when communicating with your children for not to miss possibly emerging challenges, it is better than any high-profile appeals. And the action participants asked questions about the attitude of adults to various harmful habits.

State officials and police will be drug tested

Civil servants, students and law enforcement officers will be tested for drugs during the screening activities in Kazakhstan, said the director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of medical and social problems of drug addiction, Chief Narcologist of Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan - Altynay Eskalieva. "Some changes will be made into the orders of the Ministry of Health to conduct testing for drugs to certain categories of citizens", - said Altynay Eskalieva on Tuesday during a TV bridge Astana-Moscow to mark the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

In Zhambyl region drug addicts are offered occupational therapy

Doctors believe that shovels, nails, handsaw allow their patients to quickly deal with their addiction. This approach is called occupational therapy. Zhambyl Drug Dispensary last year moved to the building of the former Children's Hospital. Local doctors believe that it is more suitable for the treatment of "difficult patients". Drug experts say that alcoholics and drug addicts in the area has recently become less. Drug addicts don't want to return out of the high fences and windows with bars.