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Drug policy

Nazarbayev is concerned about the spread of drug addiction and alcoholism in Kazakhstan

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has expressed concern at the growing number of drug addicts and alcoholics in the country, reports BNews.kz. "We can not disturb the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse among the population and the number of HIV infected. Often, even in affluent families, children, adolescents are influenced by dubious pseudoreligious organizations. This is all due time. Therefore, system measures are in a high demand by the state and society, "- said the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, speaking at the ceremony of awarding the winners of the national contest "Mereylі otbasy".

MIA RK considers it is necessary to treat drug addicts and alcoholics separately

"Regarding to the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts, it is ineffective and have not been almost developed. In the same drug treatment facilities, which have 30 in the state, now being treated patients with drug addiction and alcoholism, "- said K.Kasymov. According to him, there is a need to create special centers of medical and social rehabilitation of drug addicts only.

MOH risen on protection of NGOs promoting healthy lifestyles

The Ministry of Health has responded to criticism of Deputies regarding the effectiveness of non-governmental organizations involved in the promotion of healthy lifestyles, which allocated budget money, reports Tengrinews.kz. "The work of NGOs began to gain its momentum only with the implementation of the State Program" Salamatty Kazakhstan. "This work is the fourth year and today is only the formation of the indicated direction, "- such a response was received from the Ministry of Health at the request of the deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament - Nadezhda Petukhova, who in January raised the issue of effective and efficient use of budget funds allocated to promote healthy lifestyles by NGOs.

In the ministries of Kazakhstan established new committees

In the ministries of Kazakhstan established new committees. The corresponding government decree "On the departments of the central executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan" signed by Prime Minister Karim Massimov August 14, 2014. The same government decree abolished 14 committees: Committee on Intellectual Property Rights, Ministry of Justice; Committee on execution of judicial acts of the Ministry of Justice; Registration Service Committee and legal assistance of the Ministry of Justice; Committee of Commerce, Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning; Committee for Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Culture; Committee on Fire Service Emergency; Committee for State Control and Industrial Safety Ministry of Emergency Situations; Committee on Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Science; Committee for Enterprise Development Ministry of Regional Development; Committee for Foreign Policy Analysis and Forecasting Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Committee to Combat Drug Trafficking and Drug Control Ministry of Interior; Committee of criminal police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; Ministry of Internal Affairs investigative committee and the committee of the tourism industry of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies.