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Drug crime

In Akmola region guard of one company manufactured the drug

Akmola police seized more than 8 kg of marijuana and 70 grams of cannabis with 42-year-old security guard of a company, reports BNews.kz. Drug police found that the man has not only been selling drugs, but also manufacturing them. First operational procurement of about 10 kilograms of hashish was made. A few days a special operation to capture the drug dealer carried out.

More than 10 tons of drugs were seized from illegal market in Kazakhstan during six months

More than ten tons of drugs seized from illegal trafficking in Kazakhstan in the first half of 2014, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press service of the Committee on Anti-Narcotics Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan. "During this period, the Committee and its territorial divisions detected 1894 drug offenses, of which 1,139 facts were sales. From illegal market 10.3 tons of various narcotic drugs were seized, including 91.6 kilograms of heroin. Five organized drug groups were liquidated  those groups have committed 28 crimes in the area illicit drug trafficking. "- the press-service clarified.

One hundred police officers involved in the arrest of the participants "elite" drug cartel in Almaty

Officers of the Anti-Narcotics Force (DEA) of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty became known in the early summer about gaining popularity among the "gilded youth" top-grade marijuana - the so-called "indyuha". Later it was reported that the drug appeared in Astana. Investigation among dealers and drug addicts didn't lead to anything, no one knew anything about the new drug. For employees of DEA it was not surprising - the price of a glass of "indyuha" as it became known, was about 50-70 thousand tenge - the amount are prohibitive for ordinary drug users.

Punishment for selling synthetic drugs becomes tougher

Criminal responsibility for the spread of synthetic drugs coming in 2015, the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) RK Nurdilda Oraz said. "For the trafficking of synthetic drugs that mentioned in query of deputies of the Majilis (kristality, speed, and smoking blends / mixes regi) the new edition of the Criminal Code also provides criminal responsibility, which will be entered into force on 1 January 2015", - said writing response of MIA  to a request of KazTAG. "We believe that the establishment of measures to control trafficking analogues of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances will allow to take timely measures to combat illicit trafficking of new types of drugs, improve the drug situation in the country," - supplemented by the response. It is also stated that the ban on the distribution of chemically synthesized cannabinoids introduced in Kazakhstan in 2011.