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Drug use

The number of addicts in Almaty for the last year has decreased in numbers on a quarter

"Basically, we have abusers of alcohol on register. For drug addiction is prevalenting dependence on heroin that is 99%. The so-called polydrug takes place, when one use alcohol with sleeping pills and heroin, etc. Psychostimulants such as cocaine, amphetamine are rare. Also recently, very often reveals the use of smoking mixtures such as legalka (spice), JWH », - noted D.Kairbekova.

Be careful! Spice and smoking blends cause instant addiction

In Kazakhstan, five grams cost about four thousand tenge. This single dose lack up to three times. It all depends how much people depend. If he is just starting use, this dose is enough for 3-4 times. And if drug is used regularly, the dose will naturally increase. What else aggravate the situation? The fact that recently appeared heavier synthetic drugs - such as salt MDPV - (M) etilen (D) ioksi (P) iro (c) Aleron (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone) - is a psychoactive substance with stimulant properties. Also known for some users in the US as «MTV», «MDPK», «Magic», «Super Coke" and «Peevee". MDPV is sold on the streets under different names, such as Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, Ocean, Charge plus, White Lightning, Skarface, Harricane Charlie, Red Dove, White Dove, PV1 (a series of specially designed pirovalerone including MDPV).

Cheap and terrible drug is spreading rapidly among young people

According to doctors, now in Aktobe already 90% of all drug users switched to the "crocodile". "Crocodile addiction" scares Aktobe narcologists! Doctors barely have time to take a particular patient in a hospital. They say cheap potion literally captured the city! Creepy drug is spreading rapidly among young people, although everyone knows: these addicts do not live long (reported by television channel CTC).

Facts of drugs use among prisoners detected in Almaty

Inspection carried out by prosecutor's office in Almaty, found evidence of drugs use among persons in correctional institutions of the city, as the press service of the city prosecutor's office reported. "August 16, 2014 at the initiative of the prosecutor's office in Almaty institutions LA-155/1 (SR-1), LA-155/18 (SR-18) Duisi in Almaty and Almaty region were inspected with the assistance of a specialist psychiatrist from Narcological center of Almaty on the facts of the penetration of drugs, and also use their investigative arrested and convicted persons"- said in a statement. As informed by the Office, the test was carried out in different positions and in different cells. Persons who have passed the test, mainly arrested under the Criminal Code, not drug-related.