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Annual review of materials in the Internet devoted to the issues of substance abuse and responses in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Drug policy

It is offered to punish in Kazakhstan for the being under the influence of drugs in public places

Prosecutor General's Office of Kazakhstan proposes to introduce responsibility for being under the influence of drugs in public places, reports Tengrinews.kz citing the press service of the Ministry. Representatives of the agencies cite the example of Russia. It has a corresponding self norm. At the same time, it does not matter, as a result of the use of any substance has come such intoxication. Qualifications of alcohol or drugs is determined by taking into account the results of the medical examination.

To expand the list of "design" drugs offered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

During the meeting of anti-drug headquarter the head of the Department of Anti-Narcotics Sultan Kusetov proposed changes to the legislation. "According to Sultan Kusetov there is a need to expand the concept of "analogue of drugs" in the Law "On drugs ..." and enter a list of substituents of hydrogen atoms in their structural formulas. This would apply the rules of criminal law on the fact of distribution of synthetic cannabinoids," - said in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

The new law expanded the place where the sale of alcohol is prohibited

In connection with the law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on state regulation of production and sales of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic products", Department of State Revenue for Astana announces changes governing the alcohol market, reports Zakon.kz . The list of places where alcohol can not be sold. The buildings and institutions in the territories of health, education, sports and recreation, sports and sports-technical facilities, gas stations, shopping markets, cultural and recreational organizations, the alcohol can not be sold. Storage and sale of alcohol in these places the ban entails suspension of the license, and its repeated violation - deprivation of the license. The sale of alcohol through online stores also fall under the ban, and the responsibility for it is installed in the form of a fine with the confiscation of goods.

In Kazakhstan, the rates excise taxes on alcohol will increase by 15%

Mazhilis of Parliament approved amendments of the Senate to revise the rates of excise duty on alcoholic beverages. The amendments do not affect cognac, brandy, wines and beers. Mazhilis of Parliament approved amended by the Senate in the draft law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on the issues of taxation and customs administration."

Drug use

Kazakhstanis still strongly attached to the "design" drugs

In Kazakhstan, under the guise of smoking mixtures sell new types of drugs, according to TV channel KTK. Only in Almaty since the year beginning 90 people came for medical service. All of them tried the chemical mix JWH and almost found themselves in a mental hospital, and some have on the brink of life and death. Doctors are still not fully explored the dependence of the people on synthetic substances, so until doctors can not find appropriate treatment. Meanwhile, every day there are new types of drugs that are sold in Kazakhstan under the guise of smoking mixtures.

In drugstores of Almaty "Tramadol" is selled to addicts

Recently, activists of public fundation "Free men" raided pharmacies of Almaty. According to them, pharmacists sell strong painkillers - "Tramadol", which consumption in large quantities causes dependence. Reporter of Today.kz communicated with experts and relatives of dependent on "Tramadol" and found the features of this product. "In July, an outbreak among teenagers, we began to understand from where such popularity with the drug. We passed pharmacies and found that "Tramadol" is on sale in the public domain, it is enough to have a "teddy recipe" that you can easily do yourself. Tramadol "is terrible due the fact that the "getting high" from it as from heroin but no withdrawal syndrome. 

Some categories of population of Kazakhstan will be tested for drug addiction

The Ministry of Interior reports that by 2018 it is planned to prepare the legal framework, which will allow to identify people suffering from drug addiction on the early stages. "We examine and work on the issues of drug testing of some categories of population. These categories include minors, recruits, candidates for the civil service, as well as representatives of public service areas, drivers of public and private transport, employees of security firms that have access to weapons. The relevant law will be adopted in 2018 year", - said today the chief of the Anti-narcotics Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan - Sultan Kusetov, answering journalists' questions during a press conference for the International day against Druds.


People are most poisoned from drugs in Almaty and Nouth Kazakhstan region

In Kazakhstan in January-August 2015 the largest number of poisoning from substances recorded in Almaty and North Kazakhstan oblast, Deputy Head of the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking and Drug Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Kazakhstan Janat Bitenov said, KazTAG reports. As reported in response to a request KazTAG for monitoring and analyzing the drug situation the Ministry of Interior established a working group composed of representatives of the Ministry of Health, the General Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Justice and other government agencies, also the analysis of urban regions, Astana and Almaty was done.

People affected with Spice are hospitalized almost every day in Almaty

The City Drug Treatment Center people who use so-called spice (synthetic drugs) are admited to treatment almost every day. Tengrinews.kz reports citing the head physician of the organization - Gulsara Suleimenova. According to her, such a trend has been around for about a year. Many of the victims come to treatment center on their own.

In Shymkent HIV prevention among drug users was discussed

In Shymken a public discussion on the "Implementation of opioid substitution therapy to prevent HIV in Kazakhstan" was held, organized by the Foundation "Aman-Saulyk" in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Development and the Republican Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS. The event was attended by heads of health department, education department, regional center for the prevention and control of AIDS, drug treatment clinic, law enforcement agencies (Office of the Anti-Narcotics of the Department of Internal Affairs and the Department of the penitentiary system), Maslikhat deputies, representatives of NGOs, drug addicted patients and their relatives.

Treatment and prevention

In Uralsk the maintenance treatment of drug users was discussed

In Uralsk public discussion was on the topic "Prospects of development of opioid substitution therapy in Kazakhstan", organized by the Foundation "Aman-Saulyk" in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. Reported Today.kz citing the press service of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event was attended by heads of health departments, regional AIDS centers, drug treatment clinics, law enforcement agencies, maslikhats, representatives of regional branches of the party "Nur Otan", NGOs, patients with drug addiction and their relatives.

Kasymov: There is a problem in the application ofthe computer programs on addiction risk assessment in schools

On 9 December the final meeting of the Interdepartmental Staff for coordination of activities of state bodies aimed at combating drug addiction and drug trafficking was held, according to Zakon.kz with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The representatives of all public bodies involved in the implementation of anti-drug activities of the state took part. It was discussed the questions of using the computer program in education organizations "methods of psychological assessment of risk to addiction"and the anti-drug activities of central and local government bodies in the conditions of the abolition of the basic policy document "Sectoral program to combat drug addiction and drug trafficking for 2012-2016".

Army recruits will be tested on drugs

Drug tests will be provided for army recruits in Kazakhstan, as the press service of the Ministry of Defense reported. "There are additional measures to improve the medical examination. Today recruit passes drug testing, also we expanded range of requirements for the mandatory laboratory testing for hepatitis, tuberculosis to identify and reviewed issues of certain disease", - said in a press release of the Ministry of Defence, distributed on Friday. It is noted that from April 1 this year in Kazakhstan such Medical Commission for recruits will start their work.

Kazakhstan will no longer be forced to treat patients with alcohol, drug addiction and substance abuse

Since January 2015, Kazakhstan will no longer be forced to treat patients with alcohol, drug addiction and substance abuse, the correspondent of YK-news.kz reported. Cancellation of compulsory treatment is associated with a corresponding exception of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan articles of the new Code. "Extremely repressive measures for patients with alcohol, drug addiction or substance abuse wre excluded , which were in the Administrative Code before" - says the Deputy Minister of Justice of RK Zauresh Baymoldina. - Compulsory treatment limits the rights and freedoms of citizens. Now, according to the minister, drug adn alcohol addicts will be placed in the specialized treatment centers depending on the patients' needs.

Drug crime

Dealers sold synthetic drugs through the Internet was detained in Almaty

Two organized criminal group for the dissemination of synthetic drugs over the Internet and telecommunication facilities were detained in Almaty, said the head of the department to combat drug trafficking of MIA RK Sultan Kusetov, reports IA News-Kazakhstan. "Another urgent problem to combat drug trafficking in recent years is the spread of synthetic drugs using internet resources, the use of electronic systems for money transfer such as QIWI. As a result of long-term operation on July 30 in Almaty two criminal groups engaging in criminal activities were detained" - Kusetov said at a press conference.

400 thousand doses of synthetic drugs have been eliminated by Almaty prosecutor's office

The prosecutor's office of Almaty on May 22 eliminated almost nine kilograms of psychotropic substances, which have been seized in the course of postal checks, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of agency. Synthetic drugs, collected from 2013 to 2015, were burned. It is noted that it was destroyed 80 thousand doses which cost more than 350 thousand dollars. Another 30 kilograms were burned on May 27 (300 thousand doses) similar synthetic mixtures that were seized in Almaty.

In Aktau a car with 123 kg of heroin was detained

On Saturday, September 19, 2015 during the operational search activities in Aktau, the staff of the office on economic investigations of the Committee of state revenues of the Ministry of Finance together with the staff of the Department of State Revenue for the Mangistau region has been revealed the fact of trafficking banned substances in the car brand of Iveco, en route from Turkey through the sea port of Aktau. Business Information Center Kapital.kz cited according with the Department of State Revenue for the Mangistau region.

International cooperation

The head of the General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan proposed to create iInternational database with samples of drugs

General Prosecutor Askhat Daulbayev invited the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to create a database of all known samples of drugs. "The problem ofthe emergence of new types of drugs to Kazakhstan is particularly relevant. This is due to the lack of samples of varieties of new synthetic drugs that experts have, for example, smoking mixtures such as 'Spice', which greatly complicates the determination of the studied species. Therefore, the work on interception, anti-transit and distribution of drugs will be more effective in joint efforts of our countries ", - Daulbaev said at the meeting of General Prosecutors of the SCO.

EU and Central Asian countries will cooperate in the field of security

The EU and Central Asian countries agreed on cooperation in the sphere of security, according to the European External Action Service. "In Tajikistan, it held (11 March -. KazTAG) the second dialogue on a high level of security between the European Union and Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). Afghanistan was invited as a special guest ", - stated in the service message. The meeting participants exchanged views on a number of key safety issues related to the EU, Central Asia and Afghanistan. Security issues, as well as migration issues, regional stability and security associated with the fight against drug trafficking and smuggling have been discussed. It was agreed to intensify joint efforts between the EU and Central Asian states in all these areas, as well as to expand regional cooperation between Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Kazakhstan calls for close cooperation between the CSTO member states in the international arena - Nursultan Nazarbayev

Kazakhstan calls for close cooperation between the CSTO member states in the international arena, as well as the strengthening of the military and military-technical cooperation. This was stated by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the CSTO Collective Security Council in the extended format. "We will continue to fulfill our commitments within the CSTO, including periodic provision of humanitarian assistance to allies," - N. Nazarbayev said. The Head of State said that Kazakhstan stands for the close cooperation of the CSTO in the international arena and for the strengthening of military and military-technical cooperation, collective action to respond to natural and technogenic emergencies, as well as for joint operations to combat drug trafficking, illegal migration, offenses in the field of information.