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Drug use

Kazakhstanis still strongly attached to the "design" drugs

In Kazakhstan, under the guise of smoking mixtures sell new types of drugs, according to TV channel KTK. Only in Almaty since the year beginning 90 people came for medical service. All of them tried the chemical mix JWH and almost found themselves in a mental hospital, and some have on the brink of life and death. Doctors are still not fully explored the dependence of the people on synthetic substances, so until doctors can not find appropriate treatment. Meanwhile, every day there are new types of drugs that are sold in Kazakhstan under the guise of smoking mixtures.

In drugstores of Almaty "Tramadol" is selled to addicts

Recently, activists of public fundation "Free men" raided pharmacies of Almaty. According to them, pharmacists sell strong painkillers - "Tramadol", which consumption in large quantities causes dependence. Reporter of Today.kz communicated with experts and relatives of dependent on "Tramadol" and found the features of this product. "In July, an outbreak among teenagers, we began to understand from where such popularity with the drug. We passed pharmacies and found that "Tramadol" is on sale in the public domain, it is enough to have a "teddy recipe" that you can easily do yourself. Tramadol "is terrible due the fact that the "getting high" from it as from heroin but no withdrawal syndrome. 

Some categories of population of Kazakhstan will be tested for drug addiction

The Ministry of Interior reports that by 2018 it is planned to prepare the legal framework, which will allow to identify people suffering from drug addiction on the early stages. "We examine and work on the issues of drug testing of some categories of population. These categories include minors, recruits, candidates for the civil service, as well as representatives of public service areas, drivers of public and private transport, employees of security firms that have access to weapons. The relevant law will be adopted in 2018 year", - said today the chief of the Anti-narcotics Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan - Sultan Kusetov, answering journalists' questions during a press conference for the International day against Druds.