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Drug policy

Kazakhstan intend to improve legislation to combat synthetic drugs

Currently in Kazakhstan in law 27 types of synthetic drugs are banned. However, according to Head of Department to combat drug trafficking MIA RK Sultan Kusetova the approach of the regular identification and inclusion in the list of new psychoactive substances are not effective, as in the laboratories regularly "legitimate" new ones are created. To solve this problem it will be possible with the adoption of the law, which will block new types of synthetic chemicals, identifying them as the analogues of existing ones Today.kz reports.

Dariga Nazarbayeva: We need to develop the production of cannabis under strict state control

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dariga Nazarbayeva held a meeting, which cover the issues of scientific research on the chemical cleaning of the cannabis drugs for use in industrial and medical purposes. According to the Deputy Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Albert Rau, the cannabis processing scheme is proposed, which resulted that bagasse containing a narcotic substance is destroyed.