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Drug crime

22 kilograms of drugs seized during the special operation of the National Security Committee and the DIA in Aktau

More than 20 kilograms of drugs were seized during the special operation in Aktau. Four men, two of whom were residents of the Zhambyl region, were detained by employees of the Anti-Drug Administration of the Mangistau Region Department of Internal Affairs. In the car "Lada Priora", which was detained, it was found more than six kilograms of marijuana. During the investigation, another 16 kilograms of the drug were confiscated from the apartment of one of the detainees. The total weight of the detected drugs is 22 kilograms. According to the DIA, marijuana was brought to the southern regions of the country from the border Kyrgyzstan. Then it was brought to Aktau.

Ecstasy for 15 million tenge was confiscated from a resident of Astana

The Ecstasy was seized from a resident of Astana for 15 million tenge, Tengrinews.kz correspondent reports with reference to the official representative of the State Revenue Committee. On the page in Facebook, the representative of the SRC, Murat Zhumanbek, published information that the employees of the Economic Investigation Service of the SRC had stopped a large supply channel for synthetic drugs. "On December 1, 2016, the employees of the Economic Investigation Service of the SRC of the Ministry of Finance of the RK stopped a large smuggling channel for synthetic narcotic drugs, for example, officers of the SRC detained a resident of Astana, citizen S., who was seized 981 pills with the content of the psychotropic substance methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy).

Almaty police closed two websites saling ecstasy and cocaine

It is about the Internet resources, under the guise of which there were stable criminal groups. It was established operatively that psychotropic substances and synthetic drugs MDMA, ecstasy and cocaine were supplied to Almaty from the Russian Federation. "The operative and investigative ways proved their involvement in a series of drug offenses, which consisted in the distribution of drugs through the Internet, the submission of ads, the processing of orders and the delivery of goods. For potential buyers, the defendants made "bookmarks", and used a non-cash form of payment. In other criminal episodes where the suspect is a citizen of the Russian Federation who came from the Irkutsk region, the goods arrived at the addressee by means of mail messages. This drug delivery channel was tracked and blocked by us. At this stage, purposeful work is being carried out to identify synthetic drug supply channels to the region", said police colonel Azamat Sadyrov, head of the Department of Combating Drug Trafficking in the Almaty Department of Internal Affairs.

In Kazakhstan, the international drug group that supplied Afghan heroin from Kyrgyzstan was liquidated

At the Kazakhstan cities - Kostanay, Rudny, Lisakovsk, Karaganda - 15 participants of an international criminal group, who supplied drugs during two years to the northern regions of the country, were simultaneously detained. According to information disseminated on Tuesday, an operation to eliminate the international channel for the supply of Afghan heroin was held on April 7 by the department of the anti-drug struggeling of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the department for combating drug trafficking in the Kostanay region, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports referring to the press service of the RK.