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The child stepped on a needle - parents went to attack drug addicts and sex workers

Residents of Almaty districts need to rid their yards from the onslaught of drug addicts and sex workers. People say that the sex workers have moved from the famous Seifullin street on the small streets and houses and are not going to stop their activity. They joined those who use drugs. Almaty residents resent: all the courtyards and playgrounds littered with syringes. To held the meeting and declare war they were pushed with egregious example - the child ran into the needle.

Residents of Astana together with the police struggling with drug addicts in the hallways

Residents of Astana daily report on mobile phones precinct police inspectors and UEC DIA about committed crimes and offenses. Along with the police people decided to deal with drug addicts in the hallways. As it turned out, this initiative is yielding positive results, conveys Today.kz with reference to the press service of the DIA Astana.