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Drug use

In Uralsk spice is actively offered under the guise of chocolate

In various parts of Uralsk strange ads appeared: the word "chocolate", which follows with mobile phone number and a smiley face. Similarly, traders sell the smoking mixture "Spice". Police admitted that they still can not keep up with the sellers of synthetic cannabinoids, as they have a large set of formulas.

"Pharmacy" drug conquers Kazakh youth

A new drug from the pharmacy - cyclopentolate hydrochloride conquers youth in Kazakhstan. Medicine "Tsiklomed" used in ophthalmology, drug users also have adapted to use it intranasally and have fun. Dinar's 24-year-old son living in Almaty during four years used such drugs. For convenience, the medicine he pours into the vial with the inscription "Naphthyzinum". He says he drops supposedly soothe nervous after work. Odorless substance is difficult to detect in the blood and contains in a convenient and completely unnoticed vial.


Synthetic, or, as they are called, "designer" drugs have become a real scourge of our time. They are synthetic substances designed specifically to circumvent the law, the properties of which are identical to natural drugs, such as opiates or cannabinoids. In Kazakhstan, according to the police, they are not produced, and supplied mainly from Southeast Asia, and most from China. There are many foreign websites, where it is possible to order a pre-payment of goods through electronic payment systems. To deal with this is very difficult, since the "chemists" change the formula at all times, and law enforcement agencies simply do not have time to bring them into the register of banned substances.